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Mission: Be a Witness (and train up witnesses)

For the past ten years or so, I’ve made a habit of “lecturing” junior agents on the van ride to every outing—whether we’re headed to dinner at a nice restaurant (rare!) or to the grocery store. “Be good!” “Remember people are watching!” and the even less popular among psychologists, “Do NOT bring shame to our […]

Mission: Look Up

After more than a year of work and planning, we’re finally launching the K.I.D. website today. The launch has got me thinking about exactly what I hope to accomplish through this book: Mission: Nothing is Impossible. I suppose the simple answer is that I want believers to raise their children seeing love, joy, peace, patience, […]

3 Reasons to Really Talk to Your Children (Agents)

It’s almost nine in the morning. I climbed back into bed around eight (with my laptop and my coffee), and all I really want to do right now is slip quietly back into dreamland. I could do it, too. We had a big day yesterday, and a late night, and all of my children are […]